"Future Capital Market" LLC is guided by the best practices of internationally accepted corporate management principles:

  • a clear separation of powers and obligations;
  • effective collaboration between Parties, Executive Board, Internal and External auditors;
  • availability of a reliable internal control system;
  • collegiality of decision-making in the most risky spheres;
  • performance of transactions and risky operations with the involvement of at least two persons;
  • availability of a sustainable system of accounting and information;
  • preservation of corporate conduct values;
  • availability of a well defined strategic plan

Customer Service Policy
According to the customer service policy the Company is required to provide to the client internationally accepted services, to have individual approach to each client's requirements, regularly offering new services.

Confidentiality Policy
Proper compilation and preservation of client related information is the most important factor of confidence shown by clients towards "Future Capital Market" LLC.  The company strives to best maintain the confidentiality on client related information, disclosing only the information required by the RA legislation.

Risk Management Policy
The risk management processes are structured in line with the Company’s objectives and aim at the effective management of both the company’s and its clients’ risks. The purpose of the risk management process is to predict possible risks and to prevent and/or reduce risks, instead of eliminating their consequences.

Accounting Maintenance Policy
The main objective of the accounting maintenance is the formation of complete and accurate data on the Company’s activities and financial results. It also allows monitoring of the current state of the Company’s assets as well as the usage of financial resources. 

Information Technologies Policy
The information technologies (IT) policy of "Future Capital Market" LLC is meant to ensure efficient and targeted use of modern technologies in the Company’s infrastructure. In this regard, our primary goal is ensuring information integrity, confidentiality and access for our clients.

Principles of Assessment of the Company’s Executive Body’s Performance
The assessment of the executive body, i.e. the executive director of "Future Capital Market" LLC, is carried out by the Company’s general meeting of participants, based on the results of the Company’s annual operation, taking into account the Company’s mission, achievements of the strategic objectives of the Company and financial indicators.