Securities portfolio management

Management of securities portfolio means management of securities, funds to be invested in securities, as well as securities and funds that were generated from trust management practices, assigned to the control of the manager but owned by the customer and to the benefit of the customer or to the benefit of a third person (beneficiary) specified by the customer on behalf of the manager, in accordance with the instructions given by the customer.  The handing of assets to the securities portfolio management does not result the transfer of assets ownership to the portfolio manager. The basis for the handing of assets to the securities portfolio management is the securities portfolio management written agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement). The securities portfolio management is implemented on the basis of an investment declaration. The latter is an integral part of the Agreement, which reflects the directions of asset management and investment areas (investment strategy), as well as the structure of the investment portfolio. Within the framework of securities portfolio management, a meaningful benchmark is established on a contractual basis, which allows assessing the effectiveness of portfolio management.

Payment methods:

Terms and methods of payment by the customer are defined by the Company's "Securities portfolio management" Regulation and the Agreement.

Customer contact:

Terms of contacting with the customer are defined by the Company's "Securities portfolio management" Regulation and the Agreement.

Terms of securities portfolio management’s services agreement:

Agreements on securities portfolio management services can be concluded by the company for a maximum period of five years.

Procedure for refund of customer funds in case of termination of the Agreement:

The Agreement can be terminated unilaterally by the customer if the portfolio manager is notified at least 10 days in advance. Within 3 working days after the termination of the Agreement, the portfolio manager is obliged to transfer to the customer or his representative the securities and funds belonging to the customer, except for those assets, which are subject to return by the portfolio manager by contracts with third parties at a later date. Moreover, the mentioned assets are returned to the customer at the same time as they are received by the portfolio manager from third parties, within 1 working day after receiving each of them.

Place of transaction:

Transactions can be concluded by the company both on the stock exchange (in accordance with the rules established by the stock exchange) and outside the stock exchange, in accordance with the RA legislation.

Terms of securities portfolio management services

You can get acquainted with the terms of securities portfolio management services from the typical copy of the securities portfolio management contract presented below. The procedure for the calculating of the portfolio management tariff (bonus) is presented in Annex 3 of the Agreement.

List of documents required for the services provided

The customer is obliged to provide the necessary information in the field of investment activity on the Client's knowledge and experience, his financial condition and investment goals, which will enable to offer the customer such investment strategy and securities portfolio that best suits the Client's desire.Prior to concluding a securities portfolio managment agreement with the Company, the customer must provide the Company with copies of the charter, state registration certificate, passport of the head of the executive body or the document confirming the authority of the person authorized to submit an order on behalf of the legal entity (power of attorney required). For individuals, a copy of the passport or acopy of the identification card. The company may also require other documents and information.


The minimum amount of primary entry of assets to be transferred to the portfolio manager within the framework of the Agreement is set at 100 million. (one hundred million) AMD. Within the framework of securities portfolio management services, the Portfolio Manager does NOT PROMISE any guaranteed level of profitability.


Please be informed that any investment in securities is risky in nature, which may result in partial or complete loss of the Client’s assets. The RISK caused by the CLIENT’S instructions and/or by the Portfolio Manager’s actions which not contradict the investment declaration bears the Client. Future Capital Market LLC will NOT COMPENSATE the client's damages, if they are not caused as a result of unscrupulous behavior of the Company. Other additional transaction costs are done by the customer.


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